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Have a Heart


Redeem an original surprise heart + craft digital asset through a custom IYK card. 

Simply tap your card, enter an Ethereum wallet address, and watch your unique output of heart + craft come to life, born right in front of your eyes.

Note: our products are not compatible with wallet addresses generated by cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase as the NFTs sent there may get lost. We suggest working with Metamask or Rainbow wallets for best results. 


Estimated ship dimensions: 6 inches x 6 inches rigid mailer envelope

IYK Card

There are a few steps to activate your card and redeem your NFT. Read the instructions here.


Shipping times may vary, please expect up to 10 days before arrival, and additional time for international deliveries. 

Have a Heart


What is IYK?

IYK makes redeeming digital objects as simple as a tap. We also think it’s the most fun, simple way to start on your generative NFT journey.

Why the blockchain?

Blockchain backed digital assets have added benefits including proving ownership of your work or asset in order to redeem future goods and surprises. And, the ability to participate in a decentralized marketplace.

What is 1 of 1 of X?

We believe that in a world where it costs the same time and money to produce one million products that are all unique as it costs to produce one million that are identical, consumers will choose goods that are one of a kind.


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