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What is Generative Goods?

Generative Goods is a company founded with a mission to bring unique objects to consumers. Every project in our catalog generates a one of a kind output and that output is part of a larger family but unique to you. 

We want to explore how that individuality can be expressed through a variety of goods from hats to art to craft.

Why the blockchain?

Blockchain technology facilitates a transparent distribution mechanism for our digital content, while also supporting on demand generative minting where you are actually creating a specific output at the time of purchase. That output  is unique to you, and experienced for the first time by you and the artist alike. Blockchain backed digital assets (NFTs) have triggered a massive uprising in the world of digital art, and we believe that any digitally native work should enjoy the benefits that come with the underpinning technology. 

From proving ownership of your work in order to redeem a physical object to being able to participate in 24/7 decentralized marketplaces with the outputs.

What is generative?

Generative Goods are artistic projects that come to life on everyday familiar objects. Generative algorithms are capable of producing a seemingly unlimited number of outputs from a single computer program, and we work with production processes that enable consumers to get their hands on physical manifestations of those algorithmic outputs. Whereas traditional products involve making duplicate copies of each thing, whether it is a hat or a shirt, Generative Goods is dedicated to bringing you digitally powered products where each one is unique in both the digital and physical form. 

What is 1 of 1 of X?

This is our hypothesis behind Generative Goods: We believe that in a world where it costs the same time and money to produce products that are all unique as it costs to produce products that are all identical, consumers will choose those that facilitate their own creative expression through individuality. It is our hope that these unique digital objects become micro-brands. Art that can be placed on a myriad of physical objects that we then choose to represent us in fashion, design, or simply getting crafty at home. As parents, we have all too often bought kids a gift for a birthday party only to find out they already have that same item, and with Generative Goods we’re excited about the proposition of a product that is guaranteed to be unique every time it’s purchased. Generative art + blockchain technology + individualized production facilitates the idea of a 1 of 1 of x item and we are here to introduce these concepts more broadly to consumers. 

What is IYK?

IYK makes redeeming digital objects (NFTs) as simple as a tap. When you’re ready to redeem, create an Ethereum wallet - if you have not already done so - and simply paste that address into the claim website that you see when you tap the card. If you’re not ready to go down the Ethereum rabbit hole and create a wallet that’s ok! The NFT will be safe on the card for a full year until you’re ready to do so.

How do I mint and make my heart + craft object? And learn more about the project?

Step 1: Mint your NFT with an IYK card

IYK cards allow you to tap an NFC chipped card to your phone (no app required) and mint a token. 

  1. Retrieve your Generative Goods IYK card from the envelope. 
  2. Locate the Chip
  3. Place the phone to the card and then wake the phone. 
  4. Open the notification
  5. Once the project appears press “continue”
  6. Enter your wallet address and hit submit
  7. Watch your heart + craft appear!
  8. Make sure to write down the token ID for your heart + craft on the back of your IYK card for future reference. 

*If you don’t have a wallet we’ve got you covered. 

Creating Your Wallet

  1. Choose the type of wallet you’d like to use. We recommend Metamask, which is available on both desktop and mobile and supports these 3 networks, among others.
  2. Download the wallet app to your desktop or mobile device. 
  3. Follow the instructions to create an account. Remember to write down the words in your seed phrase and keep this information in a safe place.

Step 2: Navigate your NFT

Heart + Craft NFTs come with some fun interaction points that will help you view them in different ways and also include embedded creation instructions. 

  1. Navigate to your Heart + Craft NFT by going to Prohibition.

Once you’ve located your heart, there are quite a few things you can do with it. 

  1. Type: “i” - show instructions to make a physical
  2. Navigate to “Print”: Get your Generative Goods Bag o’ Blocks out. The bottom right hand corner of the text box shows you exactly how many of each kind of block you will need (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). Line up all of the blocks in your bag from small to large, you should have 10 of each size. You’ll pull from here when you’re ready to set up your crafting station.
  3. Navigate to “Mix”: Download the CSV file - convert it to either an Excel or import it into a Google Spreadsheet. This document will show you the corresponding colors, and placements for each block. The ID number on the CSV/Spreadsheet corresponds to the placement of the heart, starting with the top left corner of the heart. For example, 0 is blank, because in a row of 5 the first space does not require a cube. 
  4. SHORTCUT: If you would like to automatically buy the paint colors for your NFT, Erick created this nifty website. Just pop in your mint #. The site will then open a new window with all of the paint colors and blocks that you'll need to complete the heart, automatically placed in a shopping cart on Generative Goods. For cost savings, if your heart requires more than 35 paint colors you'll see an "all the paints" set in your shopping cart instead of each individual paint color. Note this is enough paint to make a TON of hearts.
  5. Mouse Pointer - Drag heart in 3D environment, double click on a block to inspect it

Step 4: Assemble your heart  

  1. Recommend putting down either a drop cloth or butcher block paper for this part. It can get messy, but there is joy in the mess. Also please note that the paint is acrylic and will stain textiles or clothing. 
  2. Assemble your blocks using your newly created Excel/Google Spreadsheet or the 3D environment enabled by the mouse pointer. 
  3. Grab your paints. We recommend painting one color at a time. For example, if you have 5 blocks that require Webslinger, paint those together. Each paint has enough for several coats, and each block requires at least two coats of paint to achieve the intended color. Generally grayscale colors use 2-3 coats, darker colors use 3 coats, and lighter colors (especially yellows) use 4!
  4. Once you are finished painting your cubes, let them dry overnight. 
  5. Wake up in the morning refreshed and get ready to glue! We recommend using E6000 1.0 fl oz Glue with Precision Tips Clear. Apply a tiny strip of glue to a single side of the base of the cube.
  6. Let the entire heart rest for at least 3 hours before moving.

The project story and additional context can be found here.


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