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Individual Paint


 Each jar contains more than enough paint to complete your Heart + Craft.

Don’t know which colors are in your specific Heart + Craft mint? Head on over to your NFT by logging in with your Ethereum wallet at  Once there click “instructions” or press “i” depending on if you’re viewing on mobile or desktop and click “mix” at the top to note each color in your output noted with a heart icon.


Estimated ship dimensions: 1-6 paints: 5 inches x 4 inches x 2 inches, 7-12 paints: 7 inches x 5 inches x 2 inches, 13-24 paints: 7 inches x 5 inches x 4 inches, 25-39 paints: 10 inches x 7 inches x 3 inches

Product Data

Shipping times may vary, please expect up to 10 days before arrival, and additional time for international deliveries. 

Individual Paint


How do I assemble my heart + craft object?

Instructions for assembly and color composition are included in your digital output. We like to use the bag o’ blocks, glue, our custom paint set, and a paintbrush. To achieve the best results, once you glue your blocks and paint let your project dry overnight before moving it.

What is generative?

Generative algorithms are capable of producing a seemingly unlimited number of outputs from a single computer program, and we work with production processes that enable consumers to get their hands on physical manifestations of those algorithmic outputs.


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