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SXSW X Generative Goods

Generative Goods brings digital goods to real life through scalable one-of-a-kind products and retail experiences.

At our SXSW booth (#613) you were able to generate out of bounds /// on hats, shirts, caps, bags and more, along with test swatches from existing /// mints.

Each item in the booth was a physical expression of a digital work of art, where the consumer can redeem physical goods derived from digital assets, and the retailer provides the experience, look, and feel.

Attendees could mint an OOB ///, and see it go direct to machine, generating a one-of-a-kind garment.

They could also see the spectrum of possible outputs on our /// swatch wall and our displays.

Finally, we were able to give out IYK cards with Heart + Craft mints, to illustrate how easy minting could be, and share a project where physical instructions are built into the experience of digital ownership.

Our biggest triumph was getting people to be curious enough to start asking questions like, how would this work with my client's brand? Are there other artistic projects in the pipeline? Who is your dream brand partner? How do you test? What do I do with the NFT?

The physical good was as compelling as the digital experience. Together they provided an entry point for everyone to participate.

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